As a consignor, you pay us the least commission in the industry. You pay Wee Trade 30% sales commission for consignors only. For consignors who help out during the event you pay Wee Trade only 25% (you keep 75%)

Inspection for this sale will be very selective, so be sure to bring your very best items. We reserve the right to pull items during the sale from the floor if they are found to not meet the quality standard.

Wee Trade Shoes

  • Minimum to become a consignor is 12 hanging items or one (1) non-clothing item.
  • Limit of 100 clothing items per consignor. Limit of 200 total items per consignor, per household. See details on limitations under the "How to Consign Tab"
  • When registering for upcoming event, please make sure we have your current mailing address.
  • Checks will be issued within 2 weeks of the sale closing.
  • $10 fee deducted from your total earnings to help defray rent and advertising.
  • A pre-sale ticket will be given to you at time of drop-off.
  • Please note, while it is very unlikely, we cannot be responsible for anything lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Keeping our kids safe is very important to us all. Consignors, check your items using the recall list at or an excellent recall and product safety website

Registration ends at maximum capacity or February 18th @ midnight. Deadline to create and edit tags for registered consignors is February 18th @ midnight.

NEW CONSIGNORS - Click here to register to consign & start tagging

RETURNING CONSIGNORS - Click here to register to consign & start tagging


  • Laundry baskets make great shopping baskets!  WHEELS help!
  • Appearance of your items will greatly help them sell. Cleaned, ironed, and needle and thread work wonders!
  • Sets tend to sell better (especially under size 10). Matching things up works!
  • Plan ahead for a babysitter if attending the pre-sale or helping out. (No Children allowed at the Pre-Sale!)

Become part of the Busy Bee Team by helping out during the week or weekend of the sale and shop early! Pay Wee Trade 5% LESS commission to sell your items.  YOU KEEP 75%!

Only consignors or their spouse are able to help out! Refer to the pre-sale schedule for sale times.

If you consign a minimum of 12 hanging items or one (1) non clothing item you may shop the consignor pre-sale. You can consign up to 100 clothing items and 200 total items per consignor, per household! Getting in first is worth it! It's fun too!

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How Consignors are Paid: E-Check
Checks go out within 2 weeks of the sale closing.  Make sure that the e-mail we have on file for you is CORRECT!
FYI:  The average consignor in Fall 2021 made over $225! 
the email will come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you cannot find the email - no worries - you can access your payment by going to and setting up a free account using this email (the email used to create your Wee Trade Carolinas Consignor account) and create a password. If you have any questions you can call them at: 877-333-6964. Creating an account will be handy for accessing your checks in the future, too.
If you use Navy Federal Credit Union or have some reason that you will be unable to receive an echeck, you MUST NOTIFY US in WRITING before the sale begins. email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line= ECHECK ISSUE so that we can make other arrangements