Drop off Dates

Please remember, sign-up for a drop-off appointment

Days to choose from:

  • Monday, February 21st: 4:00 pm - 7:15 pm
  • Tuesday, February 22nd, 8:15 am - 7:15 pm

Consignors will be required to choose a drop off time. "Select a Drop-off Time".

  • Enter at designated door of building sometime (your convenience Monday 4pm-7:30pm or Tuesday 8:15am-7:15pm). We are still encouraging drop-off appointments to keep the influx of items staggered, but if your ideal time is available, just COME while we are open! You don’t have to let us know ahead of time if your appointment times needs to change .

  • A team member will give you a sticker to allow you in and out of the building. DROP OFF ENDS TUESDAY NIGHT! IF YOU HAVE A WEDNESDAY APPT- we will be canceling it. If that is the ONLY time you can drop off- please contact us VIA EMAIL with subject: WEDNESDAY DROP-OFF.

  • Place your clothes on the appropriate racks for gender and size.

  • Team members will be working at the tables/shoes/books/large items in the back to help you get all of your additional items EXACTLY where they need to be on presale day and inspecting as they go for cleanliness, functionality, sale appropriateness etc.

  • Once you are done putting out all of your inventory- you will be directed to “CHECK IN” at the desk in the hall. You will be hands free and the hard part will be behind you! We will give you a CARD with all important dates and sale information and your wristband for the presale. Off you go!! You did it- pat yourself on the back!

  • We will have a new shift (sign up to work if you can!) Wednesday morning from 8am-12pm for CLOTHING INSPECTION. It will be done synchronously as a team, working down the racks, pulling out obvious defects or out of season items on 1 rack and another with items the inspectors want a 2nd opinion for. ITEMS THAT DO NOT PASS INSPECTION WILL NOT BE IN THE SALE!

  • If they are marked donate, they will be in the Dollar Deals sale and/or available to our community partners. If not, they will be sorted Sunday.

  • PLEASE- spend a little extra time inspecting your items before you come and only bring your best. YOU WILL SELL MORE as shoppers don’t have to comb through damaged items which become a turn off and they may never get to see and buy your GREAT STUFF!

 Large items should be driven to the back side of building to the "Large Item Drop-off/Inspection Area" AFTER you have finished with inspection, hanging and placement of your smaller items.


We want your shopping experience to be the best. Only good quality, "gently used" clothing will be accepted. Therefore, Wee Trade has implemented a $2 rule. If your hanging clothing item can't bring at least $2.00 please, don't bring it.


Pick-Up & Dollar Deals Sunday February 27th from 7:30pm-9:00pm & Monday February 28th  from 9:00am-1:00pm

If you are unable to pick up your unsold items, please have someone do it for you. Items not picked up by Monday, February 28th at 12:00 pm will be donated. We cannot take these items home with us or pay extra rent to sit with them in the building. THIS IS THE ONLY PICK-UP TIME. Donations this season will be made to several local children charities including  Bear Closets, ABCCM, IAM of Hendersonville, Smart Start, WCRM, Beacon of Hope, Amazing Grace and Black Mountain Home for Children.