NOTE: Consignors will be responsible for placing their items on the sale floor. Please, keep in mind as you decide when to come and plan accordingly.Wee Trade Girls Clothing

  • Register as a new or returning consignor
  • When registering for the upcoming event, please make sure your address is current in our system.
  • Checks will be mailed to address in our system. Checks will be mailed no later than 10 days after sale ends.
  • Sign-up for a drop-off appointment. Those dropping off for more than one consignor should sign up for one appointment PER NUMBER.
  • Sign-up to help – optional, but needed :-)
  • Read all tagging instructions below before creating tags.
  • Create your price tags "Work with consigned inventory".
  • More detailed instructions on limits, accepted and non-accepted items, supplies needed, placement of tags, etc. below under "Tagging Instructions".
  • Hang and tag your items..
  • Keeping our kids safe is very important to us all. Consignors, check your items using the recall list at or an excellent recall and product safety website

Registration ends at maximum capacity or Saturday, February 19th @ midnight. Deadline to create and edit tags for registered consignors is Saturday, February 19th @ midnight.

NEW CONSIGNORS - Click here to register to consign & start tagging

RETURNING CONSIGNORS - Click here to register to consign & start tagging

Please use the website to create and print your price tags "Work with consigned items".

Supplies Required:

  • 8.5 x 11 card stock sheets
  • Wire Hangers preferred
  • SAFETY PINS (1" or Larger)
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Zip ties
  • clear bags
  • plastic wrap

Wee Trade Pins

Print your tags and cut on the lines shown between labels. Print on 8.5 x 11 card stock paper. Printing must be high-contrast ( please print on white or light colored paper)

Wire hangers preferred. Hang with the hook pointing to the left (like a question mark), and the tag placed on the right shoulder. Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the pants by the waist (see example below) to the backside of the hanger, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants. Pants alone should be hung at the waist at the top of the hanger. This prevents them from sliding. Sets may be grouped on one (1) hanger only. (See example.) Use only one inch or larger SAFETY PINS. No straight pins please.

Wee Trade Tagged Clothing and Shoes
Wee Trade Tagged Clothing

PRICE TO SELL !!   1/4 to 1/3 of the original price

It's always better to price competitively and sell most of your items at full price and by choosing discount, your remaining unsold items are more likely to sell on the last sale day.

It's earn more by selling competitively!
A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself  "Would I buy these items at the price I am asking?"

Remember, if you choose to donate your items, choose to discount for the last sale day. Your items will go to some great, local children/family charities.

When sizing children's clothing, do not use "S", "M", "L", please estimate the numerical size (ie M =  children size 5). You may have to do some appropriate estimating

We accept:

Up-to-date, clean, Spring & Summer clothing for infants, children and teens.
Limit 100 hanging clothes.

Seasonal wear such as:
  • Shorts & Skirts
  • Lightweight pants and jeans
  • Dresses & formal dance wear (PROM)
  • Spring & Summer shirts, lightweight sweaters
  • Sport attire
  • Dance Leotards
  • PJ's
  • Water Safety, Floats, etc
  • Spring & Summer shoes
  • Maternity/Nursing Bras

Limit on clothes sized 0-18 months is 15 per gender/ per consignor. To clarify, you may bring a total of 15 hanging item in that size range, not 15 of each size in that range. You may bring 15 total boys and 15 total girls in that size range.

Try to Limit of 100 clothing items per consignor. 10 pair of shoes per consignor. Limit of 200 total items per consignor/per household.

Bring your best...Hanging items must have a minimum price of $2.00 (if your hanging item is not worth $2 please don't bring it). Ask yourself, "would I pay the price I'm asking for this item?"


Not accepted:

*What's New* Bedding/Crib Sets or comforters of any size are no longer accepted. (Wee Trade still accepts blankets, sheets, towels etc. as long as they are bagged or wrapped in clear plastic)

Clothing that is not of current style, out-of-season, too worn, stained, holes, covered with pet hair or smell of smoke (Inspection will be very selective)

No Bagged Clothing Onesies, sleepers/pajamas or other bagged clothing (all onesies and sleepers/pajamas must be on hangers. No more than 3 per hanger.
To clarify, we will still accept cloth diapers and diaper covers, training pants in excellent condition.

No used underwear, socks or tights. However you may sell matching socks or tights pinned to a outfit.

No Adult clothing other than maternity and small juniors, handbags or accessories

Boys Children's sizes Newborn-Children's 18
Girls Children's sizes Newborn-Children's 16

Teen/Junior sizes 0,1,3,5,7 etc. 

No Bagged Clothing including socks and underwear.

We will continue to accept cloth diapers and diaper covers in excellent condition and may be bagged.

We do accept bibs, caps, hats, belts and hair accessories in bags.

10 pair of shoes per consignor/per household.


  • out of season shoes
  • out of season clothing
  • dirty or too worn shoes
  • bagged clothing
  • bagged onesies
  • bagged pajamas
  • used underwear
  • used socks/tights (unless pinned with outfit as a set)
  • no jewelry please

We Accept

Toys and Baby Equipment that are clean and in working order. Small parts should be bagged in a clear Ziploc bag with the card attached to main part very securely with clear packing tape. Secure bags closed with tape to keep "little hands" from getting in.

  • Cribs:
  • We will only accept cribs manufactured after June 28th 2011, and if they have a manufactured date or have a certificate of compliance from the manufacture stating the crib is certified to meet laws 16 CFR 1219 or 16 CRF 1220

Car Seats:
We accept car seats that are clean and less than 5 years old. For safety reasons we only accept car seats with the manufacture date and if you are the original owner.

Must be clean and in good working order.

We will no longer accept breast pumps of any type.

Bedding & Bath:
*Whats New* Bedding/Crib Sets are no longer accepted. (Wee Trade still accepts blankets, sheets, towels etc. as long as they are bagged or wrapped in clear plastic).

Consignors are required to check their items for recalls on the link provided on Wee Trade's website.

Not Accepted

No VCR tapes, R rated or home videos

Stuffed animals will not be accepted, unless for those that talk or move.

Porcelain dolls

Grab bags of fast food toys

Breast pumps of any type

Bedding/Crib Sets

Individual mattresses will not be accepted 

Car seats that do not have manufacture date is on seat or are older than 5 years

Cribs manufactured before June 28th, 2011 without a manufactured date or have a certificate of compliance from the manufacture stating the crib is certified to meet laws 16 CFR 1219 or 16 CRF 1220 

Excessively dirty or broken items

Large Item List For Tagging At Sale:
(bring your bar coded tag to be attached at the large item area)

Umbrella Strollers
Car Seats
Back Pack Carriers
Pack N Plays / Baby Gates
Exersaucers / Walkers
Bouncy Seats
Infant Swings
Large Highchairs
Changing Tables
Cribs manufactured after 6/28/2011
Bedroom Furniture (childrens)
Large Outdoor Play Equipment
Riding Toys
Large Kitchens
Large Vanities
Large Doll House (Barbie Dream House and larger)
Large Work Benches
Tables & Chairs
Game Tables
Toy Boxes

Bibs, bowls, bottles, etc., must be in clear Ziploc-type bags with the tag attached to the outside of the bag. Secure bags closed with tape to keep "little hands" from getting in.

Get supplies from the Dollar General Stores, Dollar Tree, WAL-MART or Target. Hangers are often available free at Dry Cleaners.

Consignor is required to check  the recall list provided for you on our website for all items brought to Wee Trade.


    see comments on the video. e-mail us @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with issues, clarifications-
    1. Log In to your Village Trade account.
    2. go to "work with consigned inventory"
    4. click "MOVE INVENTORY OUT"
    5. select a sale: "2021 August Consignment Sale..."
    6. enter your WEE TRADE consignor # and password (not Village Trade)
    7. choose the items that you would like transferred and "SUBMIT TRANSFER"
    8. Login to WEE TRADE account
    9. go to MY HOMEPAGE
    10. under "menu" click "work with consigned inventory"
    11. click "TRANSFER INVENTORY"
    12. click "RECEIVE INVENTORY IN"
    13. click "Receive"
    14. REVIEW all of your ITEMS- Make sure that you HAVE THEM in your possession, DOUBLE CHECK the category and if needed, CHANGE TO A MORE APPROPRIATE WEE TRADE CATEGORY!!
    (if your item is not listed as eligible for transfer-- change the category in Village Trade to one that is. For example- Women's Clothing is not eligible to transfer but Junior Girls would be. Make sure your category is accurate and appropriate. )
    email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions!